Quiznetic is software built by Tim Bartrum (that’s me) for use in classrooms to make learning more fun and enjoyable. It allows students to play games while learning! I built it for my A level physics teacher to make a software version of one of his current methods of teaching. Here’s what he did:

  • Build a game in PowerPoint
  • Print out a set of questions for all the students
  • Display the game on the Smart board
  • Now students would answer each question and go up to get it checked. If they got it right, they would move their player (which would be an image of their face or an image from a movie like a character or spaceship) on the board by dragging it with their finger. Sometimes he’d have a digital dice which you could tap to determine the amount of spaces you move.

So as my A level computer science coursework project, my task was to take this idea and turn it into software. And it turned out pretty well! Quiznetic allows you to create a game of any theme you want by uploading any background image and then placing spaces, which are where players can move, anywhere on the game board by clicking and dragging. I tried to allow as much customization as possible so it would fill many peoples needs and allow lots of possibilities: You can choose the number of spaces when students get the answer right or wrong, choose the number of points for each question and you can even configure numerical answers to allow for rounding errors (a specific requirement from my physics teacher). Students can join your game via their smartphones or laptops. For each answer, their player will move forwards if they get it right, or backwards if they get it wrong.

Example game
An example game

Quiznetic has really taken off with now over 1000 people signed up from all around the world. Compared to similar software such as Kahoot! or Socrative, that’s pretty minuscule but I still find it amazing because I didn’t really have expectations to get anywhere near that number (although I did aim to at least try to get some people other than my physics teacher using it).

What is this blog?

I thought I’d start this blog as somewhere to post about new features in Quiznetic as well as give a bit of background behind Quiznetic. I think it’d be nice to be able to see the evolution of Quiznetic as I provide screenshots on this site of new updates (but I wish I’d started earlier). It may also act as a way for new people to see more of what Quiznetic is like before signing up for an account. I have no idea how often I will add new posts to this but I’ll try my best to not let it go stale!

I hope you give Quiznetic a try if you haven’t already! I’m currently at university but I am committed to keep on working on it for the foreseeable future as long as there are things I can work on to improve it.



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