Quiznetic Team Mode

Team mode is a feature introduced in version 1.7. I decided to create a team mode because from my experience it’s sometimes easy to get caught up into just answering the questions and not really caring about anything else going on (like where you are on the game board). It also doesn’t look that good if all the students are just looking at their screens and not really collaborating. This is what team mode is for – to encourage collaboration!

How it works

  • Each student still uses their own device
    • I did this because if it’s a fairly big team, it can be hard for everyone to see the question and get involved
  • The game host chooses how many teams to have- you can have up to 10 teams
  • When a student enters the access code, they will be able to choose which team they want to be on
  • Once the game begins, the first question will be displayed on each players device. The goal is for every member of the team to answer the question correctly as fast as possible.
  • On the game screen, there is an overlay which shows the question number and a progress bar for each team
  • As players on the teams answer, the progress bar will show the percentage of answers given (irrespective of whether they are right or wrong)
  • Once everyone has answered, the progress bars will be at 100% and then the percentages of correct answers will be shown
  • The team with the highest percentage of correct answers will get to move forward. If both teams have the same percentage then its the team who submitted all their answers first who wins the round.
  • There is no moving backwards in team mode

Each team has a capacity of 30 / n where n is the number of teams. If you have a Plus membership the capacity per team is 50 / n.

Here’s a short video showing what it looks like:


You may have noticed there is also a review button shown underneath the progress bars once all answers have been submitted. You can click this to bring up a view of the question to discuss it:

Reviewing a question

Player experience

As stated above, students still answer the questions on their own devices. This means once they submit their answer to prevent cheating they won’t be able to see the solution to a question until all team members have submitted their answer. Once all members have submitted, the solution will be shown on their device. Players can only move to the next question once the game host has moved on and the next question number is shown on the game screen.


When all the questions have been answered, the winning team is the team who has got the furthest on the game. This is shown just like in classic games with the podium.

Word of warning

Team mode is a very big feature and took the most time to develop of everything added in 1.7. I have tried my best to test it thoroughly and make sure there’s no bugs however it’s tricky to test with many players joined so I can’t guarantee you won’t experience any problems at first. If I do get bug reports then I’ll certainly do my best to fix them as soon as possible. Hopefully it runs smoothly though and you have fun!


Tim @ Quiznetic