Upgrade to run unlimited games at once!

Regular accounts are restricted to a limit of 2 games running at once. Either close one of your active games or upgrade to get unlimited (and many more features!)

Upgrade to get level up your games!

Want to customize your games even more? Avatar collections allow you to upload your own images for your player avatars to add more possibilities and new levels of fun! Learn more

Upgrade to get a timer!

Want to add a sense of urgency to spice things up? The timer can be set at any point in the game and will show a bar at the top of the game screen with the time remaining. You can pause it, add and remove time to it, set a new time or stop it completely. It's very flexible! Learn more

Unlimited active games

Run as many games as you like in the background so you can set Quiznetic assignments for all your classes

Increased capacity

Up to 50 players per game

Avatar Collections

Upload your own images for avatars to theme your game even further!


Show a timer on the game board to add pace and automatically stop students answering when time runs out!

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